Welcome to the world of delicious pizza

More than 30 types of crispy thin crust pizzas, over 20 delicious salads, wide variety of quick snacks and baked dishes, different types of pasta and lasagna.These are included in the 18-year culinary history of Selena pizza chains. The menu is selected to customers’ taste, wide and diverse, sifted out to remain the best. 

Once visited the restaurants, be sure to try a few pizzas that have become the emblem of Selena. Among the most ordered pizzas are El Mafioso – delicious flat sausage slices, ham, melted cheese, fresh tomato, olives and yellow cheese, and Gustozo, Veritas and of course, Selena. Each pizza base is spread with unique tomato sauce, prepared on a special recipe. The pizzeria insists on quality, therefore ingredients are always fresh and well chosen. Our trademark are the different types of pita breads as the newest addition here is a fragrant pita bread baked with dried tomatoes, olives and oregano.

Cozy Atmosphere

Fast service, good food and low prices

Delivery from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Fresh pizza, tagliatelle, baked dishes and lasagna offers